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Descriptif de poste

La société cliente : Groupe pétrolier et un des leaders mondiaux de grands projets clés en main dans le secteur para-pétrolier

Le poste : Expeditor

Mission :

Description of Function :
"• Under the authority of the project SCM (Supply Chain) manager (and, as applicable, the authority of the project lead expeditor) and in close co-operation with the project SCM engineer(s) & the project QC engineer, the expeditor shall ensure the complete & timely delivery of the material & equipment in line with the project requirements, give alarm to all delay & propose recovery plans, ensure the application of the SCM processes, ensure that the expediting and inspection records are kept up to date and check the expediting costs versus the budget.
• The expeditor is the single point of contact (SPOC) with the supplier.
Key responsabilities
"• Apply the group SCM policy, processes and work instruction contained within the management system.
• At tender & RFQ stage, attend the pre-award & criticality rating meetings and challenge the SDRL.
• Receive and register all awards he is assigned to.
• Ensure the inter discipline check (IDC) of the supplier document register (SDR).
• Expedite the suppliers documentation with the assistance of the SCM engineers and the engineers and regularly review the status of the SDR.
• Attend the kick off meetings (KOM) and the pre-production meetings (PPM). Ensure, with the QC engineer, that all the documentation required to hold the KOM & the PPM is available with the right level of approval and issue the agenda. Make sure the ITP is produced.
• Receive & forward the supplier’s calls for inspections to the project QC engineer and, as applicable, to the client (as per the requirement of the ITP), monitor the progress of the inspections, ensure that the inspection report are received, reviewed, agreed & logged. Forward the finding(s), if any, to the supplier. Keep up to date a two weeks look ahead inspection plan.
• Ensure a close relation with the QC engineer and keep aware of all QC issues and anticipate their consequences on schedule.
• Attend (or delegate to third party) expediting visits and meetings as necessary and ensure MOM are issued.
• Maintain the log of the expediting and inspection reports and ensure their dispatch.
• Follow up the progress of the fabrications / productions and keep the project SCM manager informed of any event that may result in late delivery (Alert notices) and prepare a recovery plan.
• Issue the progress curves (with the assistance of the planning engineer).
• Keep up to date the log of site queries and request for waiver from the supplier.
• Ensure the registration of the SDRL in C-Doc, ensure all documents from the suppliers are in C-Doc, define the priorities and issue the documents approval progress report.
• Expedite the shipment documentation & hand over to the transit agent.
• Ensure a close relation with the transit agent to allow the anticipation of the release of the goods.
• Expedite the issuance and the submission of the supplier’s data book, ensure it is in accordance with the project requirements, liaise with all parties to review the technical part and with the supplier to amend the data book until it is acceptable and ready for submission. Hand over to the project document controller for dispatch.
• Ensure all conditions are enforced to issue a release note and trigger the material receipt function in Maximo when the release note is issued.
• Provide the SCM engineer with all necessary information for the approval of the supplier’s invoices (with focus on delivery of documentation).
• Participate in the evaluation of the vendors.
• Provide lessons learnt to the expediting function."

Profil et expérience requise :

"• Experienced in expediting and inspections (optional).
• Experienced in Oil & Gas Industry.
• Knowledge of SCM software tools.
• Knowledge of fabrication processes."

Conditions : DĂ©tachement en prestation de service chez le client
Disponibilité requise : Asap


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